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Information Technology and Mining

BME is using drones and apps for mobile phones and tablets as part of its technology-driven efforts to help mines blast accurately, reliably, safely, and profitably.

Our position as a market leader in South Africa’s opencast mining sector is thanks largely to our use of modern technology to streamline the process of planning, initiating, and analysing blasts. We use a variety of technology-based tools and software, including electronic detonation systems, as well as complex computer software to plan blasts in minute detail.

Making our apps available for everyday tools such as mobile phones and tablets increases accessibility for various levels of personnel in mines by being easy to use, and in turn increases efficiency, productivity, and safety.  Making use of these apps is also cost-effective, as less time is needed to train employees in their use.

We use drones to capture aerial footage before, during, and after blasts – footage that provides us with invaluable geographical and visual data for blast planning and analysis.

Information technology

Our world-class AXXIS electronic detonation system, now regarded as an industry standard, allows each detonation to be timed to the nearest millisecond, ensuring optimal firing sequences. Another BME innovation is BLASTMAP™ III, a computer program that produces complex equations and graphs, allowing blast parameters to be planned and tweaked. By integrating BLASTMAP™ III and AXXIS, we help customers increase efficiency and produce better blast results.

BME’s investment in Information Technology shapes the development of our products, increasing accessibility, productivity, and safety. Accountability is also improved by these systems, as decisions can be based on quickly transmitted information from the blast face.

BME is your global blasting partner.

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