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The Use of Apps in Blast Management

Better, quicker communication and analysis of blast data from the work-face is the next big step in improving the quality of blasting. The power of computers has long been embraced by BME’s Blasting Science unit, taking the design, initiation and evaluation of blasts to new heights. Now, that technology is taking a quantum leap into the hands of users – through the power of the ‘app’ on smartphones and tablets.

These apps – including the XploLog™ app suite, and the BME Blasting Guide – put the capacity of computers into the hands of personnel on-site, where and when they need it. Each app fills a specific niche on-site and allows data to be captured, analysed and reported more efficiently – being consolidated in cloud storage so that more holistic analyses can be conducted.

The versatility of BME’s app suite allows for instant reports to be generated so that managers and key personnel can respond to problems as they arise, ensuring operations keep running at an optimal level. Examples of data collected include images or videos taken with phones and tablets, as well as textual data that is directly recorded on the applicable apps.

Use of the apps increases transparency and accountability among employees and contractors, as each decision is based on information which can be scrutinised in detail.

Apps in Blast Management

As technology leaders in the field of blasting, BME continues to evolve and refine their applications based on site testing and ongoing engagement with customers and their specific needs.

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